International Human Resources Management

I. Strategic and Comparative Organizational Perspectives (Full day)

a. Strategic Management & International Human Resources Management

b. Comparative Human Resources Management

c. Culture in International Human Resources Management

d. Human Resources Management in Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions

e. Approaches to Global Human Resources Management

II. International Assignment and Employment Practices (Full day)

a. International Assignments

b. Multinational Companies and the Host Country Environment

c. Transfer of Employment Practices Across Borders in MNCs

d. High Performance Work Systems – Impactful Evidence

III. International Human Resources Practices (Full day)

a. Managing Knowledge in International Firms

b. Development of Global Leaders and Expatriates

c. Global and Local Resourcing

d. Global Performance Management

e. International – Total Rewards

IV. Developments in International Human Resources Management Policy and Practice (Full day)

a. Women Leading and Managing Worldwide

b. Global Work-life Management in MNCs

c. Regulation and change in Global Employment Relations

d. Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Diversity of Human Resources

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*Full syllabus with workshop outline and learning outcomes available upon booking