European Business

I. European Business: An Introduction (Full day)

a. At a Glance

b. Structure and Performance

c. Historical and Political Shaping of the Business Environment

d. European Integration and Evolution

e. Europe’s Institutional Framework

II. The Business Environment and Market Integration (Full day)

a. The Single European Market

b. European Competition Policy

c. EU Industrial and Enterprise Policy

d. Economic and Monetary Union

e. Citizens and Consumers

III. Factors of Production and Inputs (Full day)

a. Energy Policy

b. Transport

c. EU Environmental Policy

d. The EU Information Economy

e. European Labour Markets

IV. Europe in Global Context (Full day)

a. Trade and Investment

b. External Commercial Relations

c. Emerging Strategy

d. Multilateralism, Bilateralism, and Unilateralism

e. EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy

f. EU Business and the Developed World

g. Europe and the BRICs

h. Europe and the Least Developed Countries

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*Full syllabus with workshop outline and learning outcomes available upon booking