Multinational Enterprise

I. Multinational Enterprise: An Introduction (Half day)

a. Concepts and Measures

b. Multinational Enterprises: History and Explanation

c. Multinationals and Globalization

d. Organizational Structure

II. Exploiting Opportunities (Half day)

a. Cooperative Structures and Strategies

b. Creating Worldwide Innovation and Learning

c. Natural Resources

d. Manufacturing

e. Services

III. Building a Multinational Organization (Full day)

a. Crossing Borders and Modes of Foreign Market Entry

b. Managing Multinationals

c. Business Ethics and the Multinational Enterprise

d. Implementing Strategy

IV. External Environment and Outcomes (Full day)

a. Public Policy and Impact

b. Multinationals and Home Economies

c. Future Projections of the Multinational Enterprise

d. Case Review

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