Marketing Management

I. Modern Marketing Foundations (Full day)

a. Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process

b. Contemporary Issues in Marketing

c. Business Strategy and the Marketing Environment

d. Consumer Behaviour

II. Organizational Behaviour, Market Research and Positioning (Full day)

a. Organizational Behaviour (B2B)

b. Market Information and Marketing Research

c. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

d. Building Successful Brands

III. Marketing Mix, Products, and Communication (Full day)

a. Marketing Mix for Products and Services

b. Product Management

c. New Product Development

d. Communication

e. Communication Mix

IV. Selling, Competition, Evaluation and Control (Full day)

a. Personal Selling

b. Pricing and Competition

c. Channels of Distribution

d. Marketing Evaluation and Control

e. International Marketing

f. Marketing, the Economy and Society

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*Full syllabus with workshop outline and learning outcomes available upon booking