Managing Organizations

         I.        Organizational Behaviour and Context (Full day)

a.        Organizational Behaviour

b.        Environment

c.        Technology

d.        Organizational Culture

e.        Organization Structures and Systems

       II.            Managing Individuals (Full day)

a.        The Employment Relationship

b.        Learning

c.        Personality

d.        Communication

e.        Perception

f.         Motivation

     III.            Managing Groups and Teams (Full day)

a.        Group Formation

b.       Group Structure

c.        Individuals in Groups

d.       Managing the Task Environment

e.       Managing the Institutional Environment

f.         Teamworking

    IV.            Management Processes (Full day)

a.        Leadership

b.       Decision-making

c.        Managing Organizational Change

d.       Managing Design and Restructuring

e.       Managing Diversity and Conflict

f.         Power and Politics

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