How to: Never Give Up

The United Nations (UN) – the epitome of global collaborative efforts – have consistently demonstrated how to ‘never give up’. On 24 October 1945, the global leaders took on the world’s LARGEST challenge: “To maintain international peace and security” (Charter of the United Nations, Chapter 1: Purposes and Principles, Article 1), but do YOU know how - do you know how to emulate the UN - to ‘never give up’?

Today, marks the 73rd Year that the Charter of the United Nations (the Charter) has been enforced. As H.E. Mr. Antonio Guterres, the current UN Secretary-General, stated in his address regarding United Nations Day, “We never give up”.

Thanks to the exhaustive efforts contributed by leaders of 51 nations, all of whom pushed themselves outside their borders, in order to achieve something greater than themselves, agreement at a global level was accomplished.

The tedious tasks of: (i) global parliamentary and congress approvals; (ii) implementation of thousands of meetings, debates and vetoes; (iii) enforcement without stifling creativity for advancement; (iv) and the personal embodiment of the principles of the Charter, by the faces of the UN – for 73 years – proves their commitment. Those achievements alone, should be the only proof required, that they have ‘never given up’ on ‘we the peoples’ (the name in which the Charter is written).

What have we done ourselves, to support ‘we the peoples’, in achieving this global challenge?

To know how to ‘never give up’, we must also challenge ourselves – our ways of being – and most of all, our mindset. I challenge you to consider this: What have you done in your own life – personal life, family life, work life, et al., that support this global commitment – the commitment to ‘we the peoples’? Have you read the UN Charter or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the documents that affect, in one way or another, every human being on the planet? Have you applied these principals to your own life, not just stated that other people should do so?

Have you considered that the challenges you face literally and figuratively, every day, have likely already been overcome, by one of the contributory members of the UN? Not even in just the last 73 years, but likely just in the time that was committed during the development of the Charter. There is nothing that ‘we the peoples’ cannot overcome, if we look inside ourselves to find the peace and security required, that support this global principal.

Every opportunity for a challenge should be taken, for that is when we grow our perspective and mindset. As John Lennon once sang, “imagine all the people living for today”, if they were not afraid of the challenges they faced, and could, in fact, become a “brotherhood of man”.

How can ‘we the peoples’ gain the mindset and courage to face together, the global challenge in maintaining international peace and security, if we do not face our own challenges, in our own lives, every day?

‘We the peoples’ deserve to grow as individuals and we deserve to grow as a global community. The growth of individuals, leads to the improvement of peaceful connectivity between members of a culture, it leads to the peaceful interaction between varying cultures, and thus, attains the global growth required in achieving continued ‘maintenance of international peace and security’.

How do we grow to be a global community? We challenge our current mindsets to remove fear from ‘negative situations’. There is no ‘bad’ in the world, there is only ‘good’ and the lack of it, which creates hardship, because of the appearance of the presence of fear.

The quantity of perseverance required to achieve overcoming adverse situations will differ, based on the individual, their current mindset, and whether or not they view themselves as having ‘stress’, or if they view themselves as ‘wanting the challenge’. Wanting the challenge, changes how we as humans progress, it removes anxiety from stress and fear from adversity.

The removal of fear in all situations, is the essence to perseverance, as it is the essence to growth in all forms – it is the fastest way to grow, but there is no ‘easy way’ to grow – you need the mindset that reinforces the fact that ‘you wouldn’t want it any other way’.

‘We the peoples’ cannot give up on ourselves. I’ve found hope in the removal of fear in my own life – personal, educational, business, family – I’ve applied this practice, and although I still have so much to learn, I’ve been able to overcome challenges that I would have never before thought of wishing upon someone. But now, given my newfound perspective, I wish the world’s challenges upon you, so that we may have the opportunity to apply this ‘wisdom without borders’, and achieve goals on a global scale.

Gratitude for the ‘good’ and the ‘difficult’ is how one can remove fear from their lives and ‘never give up’.



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“To maintain international peace and security” (Charter of the United Nations, Chapter I: Purposes and Principles, Article 1)


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